Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Have to Die Somehow.

Have you ever had any one respond to you in this manner when you challenge them about some lifestyle habit that is detrimental to their health?
Being a Respiratory Therapist for many years, I have heard that comment made many times when encouraging someone to stop smoking. Even though the individual knew the tremendous toll that smoking had on them....that was still their rather flip response...."I have to die some way".  Even sadder was the fact that many of those making that comment also had seen the terrible pain and suffering with which someone else had died.
An unwillingness to CHANGE.  Maybe that unwillingness to change was based on fear.....fear of failure....unbelief....it won't make a difference.
No I am afraid that the reason for this unwillingness is much more selfish than that. In our American culture we have had engrained in us from our youngest days forward  an independent spirit that refuses to let anyone tell us what to do. Even encourgement to make changes that lead to better health are interpreted as an infringment.
So change that requires us to treat others differently....change the requires us to treat ourselves differently....change that requires us to respond to our God differently.....all is looked apon with an eye of suspicion.
As I personally get older I certainly understand the difficulty that any change involves.  My pride for one does not allow me to easily acknowledge the need for change. For of course acknowlegement of a need for change is the first step. In that acknowledgement my selfish pride presumes hurt.
Why is the subject of change so important? And why is it more important today than it has ever been in my life time?
Two reasons.....I belive
  1.  Our way of life...our lives are about to change in ways that we never imagined.
  • Inflation
  • World currency will no longer be the dollar.....making us stop printing money
  • Health Care.......limited availabilty
  • Loss of investments
   2.   The need for Christians to live as we say we believe.
  • Having our house in order.....no debt...or as litttle as possible
  • Taking care of our bodies......which is the temple of the God we serve
  • Working......so we can help others......being part of the solution rather than the problem.
You might whole heartedly disagree with my assessment of America today. I would however defend my assessment of the church....you and I who call ourselves by God's name. We have for a very long time indulged ourselves with every convenience known to man.....and have defended those conveniences as our right.
We have discharged our responsibility to take care of our bodies to the physician, who for the most part has been trained to take care of our symptoms. Each and every one of those symptoms treated with  a pill....a drug. This leads one to conclude that maybe that training we spoke of for our physicians came while seated at the feet of the drug rep who had offered much monetary gain.

What if the picture of America is as bleak as presented.....what if the government can no longer send out Social Security checks....what if Medicare can no longer be funded by government as it is today. The baby boomers will make demands apon our government that possibly will not be fulfilled.

You and I can change....sure it won't be fun....but we can change in ways to care for our bodies....limit our need for medicine. We can change in ways so as to be a help to others and not contribute to the problem.
Our God is for us.....most important to Him is that we bring glory to His Name.

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