Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Sick of Lawsuits Campaign

Dear Concerned Citizen of Pennsylvania,
This year, Pennsylvania citizens have an opportunity to do something about one of the worst problems plaguing our great state: lawsuit abuse. Lawsuit abuse cripples job creation, hurts health care, and stamps out community programs.
Yet, the trial bar's cozy relationship with elected officials has created a civil justice system rampant with abuse. Our nation's courts have become a lawsuit lottery, rather than a symbol of justice. And in Pennsylvania it's especially bad.
Consider the following:

  • Lawsuit abuse costs the U.S. economy more than $865 billion annually - 27 times more than the federal government spends on homeland security - according to a study by the Pacific Research Institute.
  • A national report ranks Philadelphia as the nation's number one "judicial hellhole."
  • Pennsylvania's court which handles mass tort litigation receives thousands of pharmaceutical and asbestos cases. Complaints against the mass tort court include:
    • Administration is tilted against many lawsuit defendants
    • Scheduling unfairness
    • Encouragement of "litigation tourism" - the consolidation of dissimilar claims
    • Failure to use court reporters
  • Pennsylvania has the highest claim frequency rate in the nation. The statess medical community continues to push for a limit on subjective pain and suffering awards as a means to stop insurance rates, which are at twice their 2002 level.
  • The lawsuit industry gives more money to political candidates than any other industry.

Our courts should work for justice - not greed. It's time to stand up against the toxic influence of lawsuit abuse in America. To read more about the legal climate in America, head to
Join the conversation online, and hear more about the impact of unfounded litigation.
The Sick of Lawsuits Campaign

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