Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Is there not a Cause?

We have lost our way. To whom much has been given much is required. Today we are at war with ourselves, driven by envy , envy of those who have more than we have.
Those of us who call ourselves "christian" are just as enslaved by our materialistic culture as others who make no claim.
We have lost understanding...probably never had it...understanding that the freedom....freedom to do all the things we do...live in prosperity and be blessed by more than 80% of the world has ever envisioned has been given for a purpose.
To God's glory we have been made responsible to give a cup of cold water in Jesus name...we have been commissioned to share the gospel....and then given the freedom...the financial wherewithall to accomplish what we have been asked to do.
Maybe God is only interested in preserving these freedoms for us to the degree that we are willing to be envolved with the hurt around us and in the world.

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