Sunday, September 24, 2017

thoughts I trust they honor my God

Here is from a nobody, who makes no thougths and heart nonetheless-
I am old school and have seen the boundaries moved on so many things that have been hurtful to my soul.
I was raised in a very strict family. Most of my siblings rejected the strict hardheaded stand that my father took on many issues. Though I also know none of us will stand before God on judgement day and offer any excuses for our unbelief.
Below find listed the things I took joy and pride in doing as an adolescent and young man.
  • Prayers offered at every meal
  • singing around the piano
  • church was community …..all the body parts meeting together
  • singing with friends at youth group
  • leading youth group....though I was probably the worst choice....God's grace
  • leading prayer in homeroom in high school
  • leading the pledge to our flag....and always participating
  • loving revival services where sin and the price Jesus paid were exponded
  • revival services in huge tents with the “sawdust trail”
  • graduated from high school without ever being exposed to divorce, adultery, homsexuality, abortion, drugs or alcoholsim.....very naive I guess
  • married, moved to Baltimore

And all began to change
  • prayer and Bible reading were removed from public schools....and a silent “church”
  • abortion was made legal on demand..with many believing it did not matter what you thought on the issue...again a silent church....with many condemning those who chose to make a stand
  • introduced to those who took pleasure in every sexual perversion imaginable...and a silent “church”
  • Church infighting …..many demanding their own way....leadship seeing themselves as infalible
  • demands for love and tranparency......but less and less of it
  • patriotism seen as unbiblical....removal of flags and refusal to take a stand on any moral issue.
  • Moral authority of the Church abdicated
  • “whosoever will believe” belief is no longer necessary to be part of the body...the church
  • evolution …..part of the body when only a salvation needed ….just time to evolve
  • all about need for repentance ….nothing offered that brings that need.
  • we apologize for the need to address sin and the consequences of it if we do not believe
  • and so minimize the grace shown by our sovereign, holy God

Today I feel branded a fool to reveal the hurt of my heart...and the utter rejection of “church”....the family of God which seems bent on comfort, safety, their way rather than God's, tolerant (rules the day)

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