Monday, March 17, 2014

My neighbor uses oxygen to weld! What in the world is medical oxygen?

Dag nab it! I just was released from the hospital after a couple of days of treatment for COPD, which  was diagnosed several years ago. But now the doctor is sending me home with oxygen which he says I need to use 24/7
Is this possibly you? And now there are so many questions. One of those questions just might be, what the heck is supplemental oxygen anyway?
Glad you asked! Here is a quick answer to the question.

What is oxygen?

To begin oxygen is an element.  Oxygen is very abundant on earth.  Two elements, nitrogen and oxygen make up 99% of air. In medical circles, this combination is referred to as "room air'.
So if someone is on room air, they are not using supplemental oxygen.

In this room air, you will find that 78% of it to be Nitrogen and 21% is Oxygen. So if you are breathing room air you are getting 21% oxygen.
There are several processes for separating oxygen from nitrogen. The oxygen is then stored in a single element state. Thus giving you pure supplemental oxygen.

Oxygen is non flammable but does support combustion. If you are able to stop oxygen from being in a fire it will stop. Example: cover a jar with a burning candle in it and it will go out as soon as the oxygen is used up.

 Oxygen gas is produced by photosynthesis and removed by combustion and respiration.
That big word photosynthesis is what plants, trees, vegetation do.

So your prescription is for 2 liter/minuet 2l/m......
For every liter prescribed the actual amount of oxygen you receive is increased by 3%. That means that your order for 2 l/m is raising the amount of oxygen you are getting to 27% .....that is why it is called "supplemental"

Oxygen causes whatever is burning (for example, a cigarette) to burn more quickly.
Oxygen must always be kept away from anything burning or with the potential of causing a spark.

Oxygen is regulated by the FDA as drug and must be prescribed by a physician for medical purposes.

Let your use of oxygen be peaceful and safe

Chet Hiatt

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